Introduce your child to the wonderful world of photography with our brilliant range of kids’ cameras. Photography is a fantastic hobby that will encourage your little one to explore and appreciate the world around them – and there’s every chance it could become a lifelong passion for them.

Shop our collection to find lots of robust and colourful options from a range of top brands. They’re packed with great features too – from zoom capabilities through to games and a voice recorder. With one of our ourlif cameras, your child will even be able to put their own creative stamp on the pictures they take with a photo editor that lets them add fun extras like stamps and frames.

The addition of a waterproof case is always handy – and with full HD capabilities and a lanyard including, and your child will love being able to take great-looking pictures and videos wherever they go.

Why not shop our selection of disposable cameras? These are ideal for taking to the pool or beach on family holidays if you’d rather not risk bringing along an expensive camera – and they’re great for events like weddings too, so guests can take their own snaps throughout the night. And when it comes to recording special occasions like weddings or birthdays, you’ll want to check out our range of digital camcorders.

What’s the Best Digital Camera for Kids?

If your children are showing interest in photography, a good way to ignite their enthusiasm is by getting them a digital camera for kids. That way they can begin to explore the world of photography and enjoy the thrill of capturing moments in time.

To choose the right kids’ camera, you’ll first want to consider your child’s maturity level and age. Though some kids are ready to use a toddler camera by as young as age 3, most kids will be better able to understand the impact of collecting and sharing memories through photography at about age seven.

For many children, when creativity is beginning to bloom, a child’s camera can serve to encourage artistic tendencies and skills. When you’re browsing the best camera for kid deals here at Best Buy, you’ll want to consider price, of course, which often goes hand in hand with the camera’s level of durability.

Does it make more sense to buy a cheap kids’ camera that might not last long, or a moderately priced model with more durability? You’ll also want to consider ease of use since high levels of difficulty at an early stage could lead to frustration that will lead children to leave the hobby behind. An easy-to-use screen is important, as well as auto-focus, a self-timer, and maybe even built-in editing and photo-sharing capabilities.

You may also want to get a kids’ camera that has a slot for a memory card, to give budding photographers the capacity to take, keep and store as many photos as they like. Memory cards facilitate moving photos from the memory in the camera, to other devices like laptop or desktop computers. Additionally, in the spirit of encouraging your youngster to take care of the camera, you may want to get a camera cleaning kit to clean off those smudges and fingerprints on a regular basis, and to reinforce how taking care of the device will not only make it last longer, but can contribute to taking higher quality photos.

Kids’ Instant Cameras for Memories in a Flash

Another option for you to consider is an instant camera that accommodates instant film. Seeing the results of their efforts immediately can be a powerful incentive and can build kids’ affinity for photography. Additionally, displaying their pics on your refrigerator or in their own photo albums can encourage pride in their efforts. Photo albums dedicated to specific periods of time like “the sixth grade,” or specific events like “my sister’s wedding” or “my eight-year-old birthday party,” are fun in the moment and will be appreciated later in life.

Quick Tips for Buying Kids’ Camera

Are you planning to buy a kids’ camera? If yes, you have a dozen options to choose from. Every camera comes with features that make it a fantastic buy. Also, you have a wide range of budgets to choose from too.

These are the reasons why the process of picking a new kids’ camera is easier said than done.

First, you need to see if the camera can be integrated with your home Wi-Fi connection. This will allow your little one to upload the captured photos and videos into a network storage device. Now, there are two benefits to have this feature. One, you will be able to see all the pictures clicked by your kid. Two, the data from the kids’ camera will always be safe.

Are you going to buy a digital camera or a traditional one? Either way, you need to focus on maintenance. For example, the traditional camera expects you to invest in the film. On the other hand, the DSLR can mean a hefty budget, to begin with. Both of these cameras need to be serviced after a year or two. Now, this is yet another cost you need to be aware of.

Since you are looking for a kid’s camera, you should be keen on maintenance. The camera may be used in rough and tough conditions! After all, a little one is going to be using it. They may even drop the equipment. This is why you should pick brands that offer end-to-end service. They should help you with an extended warranty too. This important quality differentiates good brands from the rest.

The kids’ camera will be useful when you go on trips and rides. During memorable occasions, the camera will need to be mounted. This calls for additional equipment. Hence, check if the camera comes with tools that can help you easily carry it around.

Durability should be your next area of focus. This means the camera needs to be shockproof, waterproof, and water-resistant. Some kids’ cameras are freeze-proof too. As the device becomes equipped with “such” features, it can be used for a longer time.

Be active and have fun. Your kids will want to explore and discover the world around them.